Saturday, March 26, 2022

reporting back

By the way, if you'd like me to send you the PDF of "Correspondence," please email me. This is one of my most important stories. 

A gloomy wet day but mild. All is good here. For those who've been following my health travails, I spoke to the surgeon Dr. Lawless (yes, that's his real name) yesterday. TMI department: he thinks it's not a recurrence of appendicitis, the pain comes from a kink or obstruction in my gut caused by the scar tissue and inflammation from the appendicitis. Surgery not required. If the pain comes back, he says, go to Emerg immediately and they'll do a scan. They can't do one when I'm not in crisis.

Very reassuring to speak to a calm, competent, encouraging doctor. First rate service. Thank you, St. Mike's and Tommy Douglas.

So, that's good. Plus I did Wordle in three today, very satisfying as it was a tough word. Plus a friend with cancer has been told the doctor's sure he can cure it. Plus the boys are coming over soon for another sleepover with their dad downstairs, so can run up and down as they did last weekend, and their harried mother gets a break. 

Plus Sam is happy. He's been approved to foster a dog; he has wanted a dog for a long time, so this is a wonderful thing. There's an option to adopt so first he can see if having a pet works in his life. I'm pretty sure it will. A new furry grandbaby for Glamma! 

In the meantime, here's my current furry grandbaby, the not-so-dying cat, who still vomits regularly but otherwise is a happy beast. I used to have a collection of stuffed ducks, because ducks can fly, walk, and swim and have such a perfect shape. Here's Naan with one of them. Does this pic not make your day?


  1. "Correspondence" is a really wonderful essay, Beth. Rich and poignant and very well-constructed. A perfect encapsulation of that period in the lives of girls (and young women) -- the obsessions, the regrets, the new interests, and how seldom two friends keep perfect pace with one another, another source of sadness and regret, esp. in this essay.

    1. Thank you, dear writer friend. What's amazing about this story is the third chapter, if the first is our friendship and the second the years after Barbara's death. And then the chapter of Penny and her siblings. She's a dear friend now. Barbara is always with us.