Friday, March 12, 2010

right or wrong

Ah me. On Canada Reads this morning, the beloved Choy man was ousted at the last second by a dark horse if there ever was one, "Nikolski" from Quebec. Well, Wayson's book got a great deal of attention and praise - right till the end, no one dissed it, but, despite the eloquence of the book's defender Samantha Nutt, strategic voting won the day. I hope "Jade Peony" sales skyrocket anyway, as readers try to figure out if the vote was right or wrong.

Mild, dark and very wet, perfect weather for testing my travel clothes. I'm not going to make the same mistakes as last year, you can be sure; this is how I prove that I'm a smart person, because this trip, I'll make a ton of NEW stupid mistakes but not the old ones. This time, I will travel light and bring nothing new and untried. I just went strolling in the pouring rain to make sure my new second-hand jacket really is Gore-Tex. And it is.

Saw a very good play at Tarragon last night, "Communion," by the multi-talented Daniel MacIvor who also directed. An all-female 3-hander with terrific roles for all 3 women, I bet it does extremely well for that feature alone, not to mention the fact that it's a very good and powerful play. Its skilful depiction of the client-psychiatrist role made me wonder why I've not written more about my own experiences on the couch. One day I will, that's for sure. MacIvor does it beautifully.

Still, I am a tich surly today. "Nikolski." Bah humbug.

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