Saturday, July 3, 2010

serene Saturday

A pang this morning - opened my front door at 7.15 a.m., to find the "Star" and ... no "Globe." "Already?" I said out loud. I'd thought it'd take them at least a day to get organized, but no. Very efficient, as befits a business-oriented Conservative paper. I will read it this afternoon at the Y, before yoga class.

Hey, I didn't say I wasn't going to READ it, just that I wasn't going to pay for it any more. The suffering we activist revolutionaries endure - no "Globe" waiting on the steps.

My beloved daughter came over for dinner yesterday. I'm finally learning to relax when my adult kids arrive, not to feel that I have, somehow, to jam a bit more learning and information into them. I'd use their brief time with me to unload a few more worries and nags - thinking about going back to school? Finding a more secure job? Stopping with the tattoos? Etc.

I can't completely stop nagging (quit smoking, eat healthily, use sunscreen etc.), but there are fewer; I'm learning at last to shut the #$%%^& up. As she sat at my computer, checking her email and Facebook page, I felt like a bird-watcher gazing at a rare blue-speckled nuthatch nearby. If I'm quiet, if I don't make any sudden movements, if I shut the @#$% up, maybe she'll stay a bit longer.

And she did.


Tooting own horn # 694: Just received this very welcome note. Many thanks, Kathleen.

I am reading your book about your grandfather. It is really so well written. I’m no expert on this, but I’ve read a lot. You manage to merge the telling of a very complex world history, with what you found out about Jacob Gordin specifically (which seems like a lot), with a touch of what you know from the family. Very interesting..!

Kathleen Carll
Associate Director
Judaic Studies Program
Drexel University
33rd and Market Streets
Philadelphia, PA 19104

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