Saturday, September 15, 2012

NYC bliss

The pain au chocolat I just ate, or as they call them, the chocolate croissant, at the Caffe Noi was as delicious, rich and fluffy as the ones in France, yes it was. The cappuccino is delicious. And outside, another gorgeous New York day. The NYT this morning says that the days and nights are getting colder because of a chill wind blowing in from Canada, smelling of the pine forests. That's us Canadians, always with the chill wind blowing in.

My new morning ritual - well, I've only done it once, so ritual is beaucoup dire - but if I lived here, this would be it - buying the NYT and going to Central Park to sit on the grass and read it. Heavenly. A bit crazy today - they're getting ready for the German parade on Fifth Avenue, which will soon be closed down. Why there's a need for Germans to parade, I don't know, but they do, I've seen it, a lot of tubas and lederhosen. Important to get on the right side of Fifth Avenue before it starts.

Howling baby now at the Caffe Noi. One thing I have noticed here in NYC - very badly behaved children. Children screaming at their parents, howling in rage, one yesterday, a girl of about 4, hitting her mother and scowling. Also noticed - you are forbidden to smoke even in parks here. Imagine. Also designer flip flops, yes, and day-glo sneakers, very big.

A few more treats yesterday - I ventured into Bloomingdale's and was accosted by a saleslady trying to sell me an expensive eye cream. I refused, though she managed to dab some on my wrinkles anyway. And then she said, "Let me give you some samples," and handed me a huge bunch, whispering, "Yay Obama!" I then walked towards Times Square to go to the theatre, and there, in Bryant Park, a huge crowd gathered. What were they waiting for? Be still my beating heart - the Backstreet Boys, once, long ago, the most beloved of my daughter. So I stayed to film a bit for her with my phone, along with everyone else. A fabulous New York moment - stunning Bryant Park with its over-arching old plane trees, the band only metres away, the sky turning indigo - how I love this city sometimes. I realized that I know the music of the Backstreet Boys so well that it was a joy to hear it again.

And then, more "I love New York" - a superb British play, "Cock," from the Royal Court. Except that four excellent New York actors had to attempt a British accent - and didn't do too badly - it was first rate in every way. The story of a young man living with an older man, who also falls in love with a woman and has to figure out who he is, sexually and in every other way ... riveting. And then, the Lexington Avenue subway home to Ted's.

Caffe Noi crowded - I'm off into the day, off to Lola's 90th at the Terrace Club on 51st, where there will be family members I haven't seen in years, then the Fifth Avenue bus down to Washington Square where there's a free folk festival, and then to the theatre down in the Village. My last full day. By tomorrow, I will be happy to go home. There's only so much of this city one can take. But a quiet hour in the park makes all the difference.

Michel Bublé singing. A melodious wind from Canada.

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