Thursday, February 14, 2013


Sitting in the Porter lounge with my free "Globe" and two free lattes. So much to be grateful for. For one, that I'm not going to Timmins, like those folks boarding now. For Porter itself, which has made going back and forth incomparably easier than the five or six hour train ride, the incredibly boring and endless drive, or the tedious trek to crowded Pearson.

For the fact that my mother's decline was not drawn out endlessly. Steve Paikin's program last night was about eldercare - the difference between retirement homes and long-term care facilities, the poor palliative care available in Canada, the difficulty of decisions - and I relived it all, this difficult last year as we struggled to understand the options. Some people do this with and for their parents for many years. My tenant Carol will soon celebrate her mother's 99th birthday. Yes, my mother's decline was precipitous, and we wish she'd had many more years of health. But at least she did not linger. She would not have wanted to.

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