Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Mark and Macca

From an article in the NYTimes - Mark in part makeup as Olivia. He floated around the stage in his beautiful dress as if on wheels, and was as feminine and girlish, as sweetly vulnerable and yet greedy and strong, as any woman I've known. From the L.A. Times:
Rylance's characterizations are the product of a remarkable theatrical intelligence able to translate complicated poetic language into human need and desire. The former artistic director of Shakespeare's Globe, he not only knows how to handle Shakespeare's verse but has an acute understanding of what it means. Language guides him toward consciousness, which has been defined as the meeting of intellect and emotion.

A special "Collectors edition" aka "Money grab" from Rolling Stone. Macca's album "New" was voted the 4th best of the year by this mag. An article in this week's New Yorker, about a new Beatles book called "Tune In," says "The size of Paul McCartney's gift is ridiculous, and as mystifying as such gifts always are." The article is a rave about the boys I've loved since January 1964. Rock on, dear 71-year old. Show us how it's done.