Sunday, October 9, 2016

Randy Bachman and "All My Loving"

More re "All My Loving" - it's Sunday evening, and I was just reading the paper with Randy Bachman's show on in the background. He was reading letters from fans when I heard him say “I started listening to your show dancing around the kitchen with…” a name kind of like mine - he mispronounced it slightly. And then he mentioned “All My Loving” - “which I’ve read,” he said, “a girl’s love for Paul McCartney, I knew so many girls like that.” And then he read the rest of the letter. It was from Carol, my friend and tenant, who's at her other home in Ecuador at the moment. 

How thrilling on a quiet Sunday night to hear my name and my book on CBC. Thank you, Carol, thanks Randy. He read my book! (Mind you, I did send it to him. But still - he read it.)

Okay, calm down. No one has written to mention it, so no one else heard it, but I did. 

Speaking of our Macca, he just did a mega-show in California, Desert Trip, where he played at one point with Neil Young. It's marvellous to watch - the two of them in their seventies, full of joyous energy. Talk about inspiring.
Speaking of uninspiring, I know there's another debate tonight, and I should probably watch it, if only to send heartfelt support to Hillary, who may be facing vile accusations about her husband. As the New Yorker wrote, the bar is now officially on the ground. It cannot go lower. But that, in fact, remains to be seen.

Instead, this, from the garden today:
I see this as me, Anna, Eli and Ben. At our various stages of flowering.

And now to dance around the kitchen to Randy Bachman. I may be drooping, but only slightly.


  1. Well, I heard Randy B's comment on Saturday evening and am now reading your book. I, too, loved Paul and going to some of his concerts, both with Wings and since then, have been among the high points in my life. I will follow your blog, now that I have found it. I never did get to a Beatles concert; my mother was worried about the white slave trade!! She much preferred the Beatles to the Rolling Stones because they looked cleaner.

  2. Cathy, wonderful to meet you on-line. Hope you enjoy the book, and I'm glad you weren't abducted. Paul's concerts are just as great as seeing the whole band. He is such a marvel still, at 74 - aren't we lucky?