Tuesday, November 8, 2016

11.30 p.m.

Profound sadness. There's still a remote possibility for her - but as a pundit is now saying on the Daily Show, even if she wins, which she won't, the country is far more racist, sexist, uneducated and hate-filled than we had realized. She said she feels sorry for the people who voted for him. "They've traded away their health care and their financial future in order to be a bit more explicit in their racism."

Heartbreaking. Angry white rural voters turned out in force, and here we are.

She says voter suppression worked, and now the Republicans can expand it to ensure the next election. My daughter is tweeting, heartbroken, from Saskatchewan. "What do they see in him?" she asked. "People loved Hitler," I wrote back. "We are a flawed species. But remember, almost half the country voted for her."

I feel sick. What forces of evil have been unleashed?


  1. In a way, I see Trump’s victory not so much as an embrace of HIM, but rather a rejection of HER. People didn’t like Hillary, that’s clear now. Many didn’t want a woman president. Many were really pissed off that Bernie Sanders disappeared, thanks to the Democratic Party sidelining him.

    You said “Thank the good lord for all the brilliant comedians, for Alec Baldwin and Kate McKinnon on SNL, for the wonderful Samantha Bee and John Oliver and Trevor Noah and all the others, on the air and on the net, trying to get some of us to pay attention, and to help the rest of us get through.”

    That was a mistake. Overpaid city slickers publicly mocking Trump was mocking his supporters, many of them disenfranchised, poor and unemployed through no fault of their own. Well, they sure got their comeuppance, didn’t they? Did you not read that New Yorker article? Lost jobs, factory closures, Rust Belt? This is BREXIT but bigger.

    This reader's comment is good - Over and over, Mrs. Clinton’s weaknesses as a candidate were exposed. She failed to excite voters hungry for change. She struggled to build trust with Americans who were baffled by her decision to use a private email server as secretary of state. And she strained to make a persuasive case for herself as a champion of the economically downtrodden after delivering perfunctory paid speeches that earned her millions of dollars.

    This train wreck didn't just happen on its own, Beth.

    Juliet in Paris