Friday, January 6, 2017

writer Rita Davies in the Globe

Proud that my longterm writing student Rita Davies has a lovely piece in the Globe today, a piece she started in class, as she continues to explore her exotic childhood. Brava, Rita.

And remember, registration is open but will soon be closed for my courses, Life Stories II at U of T and True to Life at Ryerson, so if you're interested, you need to register now. Please get in touch or check my website if you need more information.

I'm in bed, still battling the bug. The sun is shining and it's bitterly cold; I see a student editing client this afternoon but otherwise can take it easy.

For your viewing pleasure: Here's a famous musician embracing a famous fashion designer who happens to be his daughter. I know from my Macca websites that he and his wife and daughter Stella and her husband are vacationing on St. Barts. I hate that people take pictures of them, but this is a beautiful series, as he wraps her in a towel, hugs her and gives her a kiss. Is there a better feeling than your father enfolding you and keeping you warm?

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