Monday, June 5, 2017

saved by "Sgt. Pepper"

Still avoiding work. I sit at the desk but am stuck. Stuck stuck stuck. Stuck. Did I mention that I am not making any progress? Everything in me is fighting going back to this material, opening it all up again.

Sigh. But it'll happen. This is sheer self-indulgence; I'm wasting so much time, it's sad. However. 

More nice things coming in about So True. Everyone, it seems, was very pleased, and if they weren't - well, who wouldn't be? 

Just had a phone call from Sam, whose life is never dull. Apparently, last night at his restaurant, a group of women he was serving asked if he was single. When he said he was, they asked if his mother was "a character". When he said she was, they asked if the two of us would like to appear on their TV show - in which, apparently, mothers choose dates for their sons who go out with the woman and then discuss afterwards. He’s coming tomorrow with a DVD of past shows so we can watch. As I said - never dull. 

And here's Anna's critical assessment of the new Wonder Woman movie. Also never dull.

!!!Wonder f***ing Woman!!!

So now I have to go see it.

P.S. There's a wonderful old-fashioned record store, Mike's Music, across the street from the Black Swan where we hold our readings, and I always visit when on the Danforth. This time, I bought the remastered "Sgt. Pepper", and just listened with headphones. What a stunning accomplishment - the harmonies, the classical instrumentation, the incredible variety from one song to the next - from George's serene Indian musings to Paul's glorious bouncy retro music hall to John's sardonic twist on everything - God, I miss that man - and behind it all, Ringo's fantastic drum beat. Mesmerizing.

Wept, flooded with sound and memory. I was 16 when I first heard this record and am 66 now, and it's just as good, no, better, that it was then. How many things can we say that about? Certainly not I myself, with my sore knees, slow brain, riddled memory, and painful back, feeling, these days, every bit of my years. But that record made me fly.

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