Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Happy Hallowe'en

I don't celebrate Hallowe'en. Anyone who has been in the theatre, who wore other people's clothes for a living, doesn't see why pretending to be other people is fun. Also, here in Cabbagetown, we get 700-800 kids trick or treating. Nobody believes that number except the people who live here. So after many years of exhausting Hallowe'ens, getting my own kids out in costume, carving pumpkins and buying 800 little chocolate bars to be distributed through the evening hours, I now take the night off. Except that Jean-Marc and Richard are having their post-Hallowe'en grownup gathering tonight, always fun.

But here's someone who will really have a good time today. And so will his brother, who went to school as a blue ninja. There will be candy. Good luck, mama.

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