Friday, May 25, 2018


Another shot, just sent to me, from yesterday. I'm still getting nice emails. Another -
I only laugh a lot when things are hysterically funny and/or witty. Today was your finest hour - a stellar performance! We both loved it. And neither of us knows beans about the Beatles, or indeed the rock idiom. You were captivating, Beth.

Well, good to know and a surprise, truly. My friend Chris wrote that he's wanted me for years to go back to some kind of performance. I think I've found what might work - readings like this, with powerpoint. Just have to figure out who would want it, and where.

It's 29 degrees! Full on summer already. (Tomorrow, 35 degrees with the Humidex.) Just found out the leak in the basement is a broken hot water tank. Water tanks are supposed to last 8 to 12 years - and this one is 7 years old! My poor brand new tenant is going to have to mop until the plumber can come on Tuesday. Thank God for the sun, to dry out the soaked carpet and mop.

So the day has flown. I feel sometimes I am barely keeping my head above water - today, literally as well as figuratively. But somehow, things move along. What would I do without this little machine on which I'm always tapping tapping tapping?


  1. How wonderful that you are out there, on the other side of this country, also tapping tapping tapping!