Tuesday, November 20, 2018

My Brilliant Friend

The renovation has begun, luckily starting with the easy bit, creating a bedroom in the basement, and then in two weeks ripping apart the entire second floor. It's going to be chaos - just before Christmas. I am packing up shelves, books, pictures, everything - will I think be sleeping in the unfinished basement when they start the rest, my bedroom and bathroom. After packing up my aunt's place and drowning in dust, now I will be drowning in same here and won't know where anything is. Am struggling to finish this draft of the memoir by Friday because by then, my office and research materials will have to be put in a box, an accessible box. Luckily teaching ends Thursday.

It will all, I hope, be worth it in the end.

Have been watching "My Brilliant Friend" on HBO. It's stunning, a faithful recreation of the book, with two extremely gifted young girls as the heroines in a vivid recreation of Naples at that time. A new addiction.

And ... here she is, my Aunt Do in about 1952. I never knew this Do. But obviously, once, she was merry and glam.

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