Monday, January 28, 2019

despite the storm, your inspiration for today

Major snowstorm today - blowing snow, high winds, bitter cold. I was complaining to Ed, a man of few words who was putting up drywall upstairs. "This is Canada," he replied. Nothing more need be said. But how glad I am - usually I teach Monday nights so would be gearing up to plow through to Ryerson. But not tonight, I'm gearing up to pour a glass of wine and practice the piano, which has been sadly neglected for weeks. Months.

But truly, a little snow doesn't bother Canadians. One year I was teaching Tuesday nights at Ryerson and there was a snowstorm worse than this. When I got there, I expected to find almost no one, and instead, the class was almost full, including a woman who drove in from Kleinburg. Hardy souls.

Tonight's treat - a documentary about hard-bitten New York reporters Jimmy Breslin and Pete Hamill on HBO. Maybe another episode of Harriet's drama on Netflix. Soup. Looking out at the snow and not having to be in it. A roof and a furnace.

Here's a big treat for you: a hilarious piece about memoir from the New Yorker. 

And a joke my friend Lani sent.
And finally, something Harriet sent from Australia. She is shooting a series that also features Eileen Kramer, an actress and a dancer who just wrote and illustrated a book. Oh yes - she's 104.
And if that's not inspiring, I don't know what is. Onward indeed!

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