Friday, May 24, 2019

So True

Wednesday was the electricians; Thursday was the termite guys, drilling into the foundations of my house all around the perimeter and injecting poison to keep the vile beasties out. They told me they saw a termite tubule climbing up from my neighbour Monique's basement, so she'd better get her perimeter poisoned too, asap. There are also rats now, living somewhere nearby, and always, raccoons, mice, skunks, and, yes, possums.

At the same time, the stove repairman came, a snappy Israeli who took one look at the interior of my oven and opened his bag. He'd brought the part and for a mere $417, my stove is like new. I asked him to listen to the weird noise my fridge makes, but of course, while he was here, the blessed appliance purred silently.

In the afternoon, a Creative Nonfiction meeting with 7 other committee members via Zoom; our conference is coming right up, and next year's, back in Toronto in May 2020, is already underway. Judy has asked me to be on the board. Of course I will.

Yesterday morning it was the same chilly spring we've been having throughout May. And then, at 2.15, it was summer. Suddenly it was hot, and everyone sprang inside to change clothes. Time to plant. Though it's still cold at night, for a few more days.

Last night, our rehearsal for So True on Sunday. How privileged I am to hear the stories, to help shape them so they hit hard. Six of the eight readers were here for a final edit and to hone their reading skills. I cried twice - such powerful words, beautiful tales. What joy.
Don't miss it.


  1. So True was wonderful once again. I've been thinking about all of you all day. A delight for me to share an afternoon with the B Kaplan 2017 and 2018 alumni, plus others. A wonderful collection of stories hitting all the perfect notes of humour, sadness and joy. You all knocked it out of the written park. All good stuff for the soul. Beth, I loved your words too and couldn't agree more that the world presently needs stories more than ever. Anchoring our truths in words is the anchor of much needed connection. Stories reinforce experience and so many universal values of love, acceptance and belonging that we all share. If only we could have this same sanity in our leaders near and far. Onward with great storywriting telling ! We're on to something so vital to the soul.

  2. Paula, what a lovely note! Good to hear So True gave you so much pleasure. It really is very special. Thanks for this.