Saturday, July 11, 2020

sexing the squash

Again, today, blessed rain. After Wednesday's storm we went back to extreme heat, but there's relief today for both people and plants.

Nope - it's an hour later and it's hot sun again. Sun sun go away! More rain please.

Just talked to my son the bartender, who's back at work in a tense environment - they're very busy, distanced outside; he wears a mask (in the heat which feels with the humidity like 40 degrees), washes hands constantly, no menus, people order from their phones - they're doing their best. But a neighbour place just had a bunch of cases and had to shut down again. I've invited him for dinner, but if he comes, we will be sitting far apart.

On Thursday, spent the afternoon in my friend Lynn's sublime swimming pool that's like a little lake, sheltered by overhanging trees. On the crowded bus back, though, did not enjoy the company of so many of my fellow Torontonians, masks and all.

I've been enjoying online theatre -  the Apple family from the States, monologues from Britain - clever clever stuff being done by creative people using what tools they have, like YouTube and Zoom. Much admiration.

My daughter and I are battling about political correctness, the Harper's letter, and J.K. Rowling, on FB. We adore each other, but on FB, we are polar opposites duking it out in this public forum. An interesting modern dynamic.

Oh, and about the garden: my squash plants are enormous but there are no baby squash appearing. I went to Dr. Google - apparently I have to pollinate them myself. Using a Q-tip, I have to take pollen from the male plant and pollinate the female. Mon dieu - my squash are binary and cisgender. I want squash that can pollinate themselves!

I have no wise words today about pandemics, isolation, creativity, focus, social media, cancel culture, our poor neighbours to the south, our foolish PM's carelessness. On today's list: have sexual relations with squash, pray for rain. Busy busy busy.

PS Who knew these plants had such rigidly defined gender roles? I was just out sexing them, but I'll need to pollinate early in the morning; all the flowers are shut up tight. I'll harvest a few flowers to eat as well. Farmer Beth. Amazing.

Today's treat: Macca with two kittens and Martha my dear. He became a farmer too. I heart.


  1. Hi Beth. Just a quick note on your reference to "monologues" from Britain. I assume this is Talking Heads by Alan Bennett. I have found them spellbinding. If you haven't seen Episode 10 yet, with Kirstin Scott-Thomas as a snooty antiques dealer, you're in for a treat, including a Canadian moment. I have enjoyed every one of them so far. Martin Freeman in "A Chip in the Sugar" and Tamsin Grieg in "Nights in the Gardens of Spain" are just exquisite but I could say the same about all of the others too. Cheers, Alan

  2. Alan, I've watched a few of Bennett's marvellous monologues, not these, above, so will do so. Loved Eileen Atkins also as a snooty antiques dealer. This was another, a man confessing to the camera about breaking into an old folks' home to see his mother and inadvertently infecting the residents with disastrous results - very powerful. I cannot remember who recommended it to me or what the title is, which is why I was so vague. Happy Sunday to you. Good to hear from you. Hope you're well.