Monday, December 7, 2020

Loose Woman on the march!

Just checked the Toronto Public Library, and there she is, Loose Woman. Not in hard copy, not yet, but two copies of the eBook are there, and there are three holds already! 

Validation. When it's in the library, the book exists. It counts. 

And a nice mention from the Globe arts reporter, Marsha Lederman, in her weekend column recommending books for the holidays: 

Also two lesser-known books by authors I’ve gotten to know by email: Loose Woman by Beth Kaplan, a memoir that begins with her time working as an actor in Vancouver... 

Maybe lesser-known, but with three holds at the library!

An email from my new friend Trevor in Denmark, a scientist and former student of my father's with whom I've been corresponding:

Read your wonderful book, love it, you shine out of it! In line with a comment on your blog, it sent me back in my own memories to those times. I will buy the book for a few friends who I know will appreciate it. As you likely know already it speaks to all of us from the same generation. It is also very well-crafted.

Thank you, Trevor. "You shine out of it" - now that's good to read. As I wrote to you, "it sent me back in my own memories" is one reason memoir matters: we write for those who don't, to escort them into their own pasts. To help open those long-closed doors.

From Kate Braid, one of the writers at the CNFC Zoom event, after I wrote to tell her I enjoyed her reading:

Thank you for your reading too. It offers a fascinating glimpse. I was very curious about L’Arche for years, and have huge respect for the volunteers – like you – who work there. Your answer to the question of the sexual abuse was very well done, and clear. I look forward to reading your book.

An order from Myrna Kostash, esteemed writer and one of the founders of CNFC, for two books to be sent to her and family in Edmonton. 

And word from the publicist in Vancouver: a request for an interview for "The Breakdown" on SiriusXM. 

These kind words may not be the New York Times bestseller list, but they're very welcome just the same. 

Exhausted - spent the day with my grandsons; we went to the High Park castle playground where I played the big bad wolf again, chasing delicious boys to eat them for lunch. GRRRR! It was freezing. What a wonderful place it is, though.

So, a night of recuperation, emailing, and TV - "His Dark Materials" on now, just my speed. Thank you, friends, for following the ups and downs, oh the downs, of my journey. Sending you love.


  1. I'm so glad to read that your wonderful book is finding its readers.

  2. Thank you, dear friend across the mountains.