Friday, February 12, 2021

nothing happening - could be worse

Snow drifting down. Friday of a busy week: teaching Monday, Tuesday, and two classes Thursday. Wrestling technology - when you upgrade, some things work better but others cease to function at all, leaving you grinding your teeth in fury. Between my new operating system Big Sur and my new modem, almost nothing works any more without fiddling, driving me mad. Incidentally, never buy a Brother printer. Mine does not work after the modem upgrade, and I've discovered it's utterly impossible to get in touch with the company for tech support. They have cleverly made it 100% impossible. Infuriating. I HATE technology!

Have barely been out all week. What to tell you? The Dems have done an incredible job of condemning Trump in the clearest possible terms, and the Repulsives are just going to ignore it all. History will judge them. Not that they care. Impossible to comprehend such vileness. Let's not try. 

In the meantime, Canadians are gathering tomatoes to throw at Trudeau, because our vaccine rollout is too slow, they say. Yes, we deal with issues other countries do not, including an extremely long porous border, the lack of vaccine manufacturing capabilities so we're dependent on imports which have slowed down, and recalcitrant Conservative provincial governments making it all more difficult. But still, it's all his fault. Patience, I say. They're coming. We'll get there. Jesus, vaccines used to take many years; now we're screaming because we're being vaccinated a few weeks behind other countries. 

Talked to Jason today, and we laughed about how little has changed since we last talked. Nothing happening, but the days fly by. It's a limited, solitary life, and yet it feels rich - rich with interior life, rich with good food and wine and my new fire. I have nothing to complain about. I know, that's dull. Sue me.

But I can report on an article that changed my life. "Why no one will read your book" points out how very few people actually read books, how little time even those people spend reading, and how very many books there are in the world with new ones coming all the time. When you realize this, you see that you, the author of books, should not be sad because your precious works are not best-sellers; you should marvel that anyone has read them at all - and even, it seems, enjoyed them a lot! A whole new way to look at the work. I live in an elite bubble of artsy people who live for books. But most of the world is not like us.

In lieu of something interesting to tell you, I'll attach a few things that caught my eye.

This last is me in my office, as I try to deal with the mountains of paper, just like in the picture. TRUE! 

And now, after two glasses of surprisingly good, very reasonable Argentinian Malbec, time for some delicious TV. I am a lucky human. Hope you are too.

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