Friday, January 7, 2022

Essayer: to try

Friends, I guess uploading the TNQ essay didn't work after all. I can see it on my computer, but I gather others cannot. Back to the drawing board. 

For now, let's do this the simple way: if you'd like to read the article, please email me at, and I'll simply send you the PDF. Old school! 

The sun is out. I'm at my desk delving into old work, starting with a few essays I wrote in my twenties. Did almost no writing in my thirties - raising kids, moving across the country to Ottawa then Toronto, trying to be a good wife - except the MFA thesis that turned into my first book. 

From 1994 to 2004, I had nearly 60 essays published in the Globe and other newspapers and magazines and read by me on CBC. I thought essay-writing would be my life. But then the Globe stopped paying even the measly $100, $250 for Lives Lived, and I decided I would not write for nothing. Then a new producer at the CBC told me to be on my way, my writing was "not edgy enough." I quit essays to concentrate on books. With incredible success, as you know.


There's some good work in the pile, IMHO, and I'm thinking of a compilation. Another guaranteed bestseller. Especially if I can't find a way to post them anywhere! 

Sharing joy: a New Year's walk with Anna and Eli close to the lake. The boy is nine and will be taller than his mother soon.

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