Monday, May 30, 2022

worry and good news

Was awake in the night for hours: Ukraine dragging on and the world losing interest, the appalling tragedy of Uvalde and the Repugs coming up with doors as a solution, it beggars belief!, and the election in Ontario, in which the three centre-left parties could not consider a merger of some kind, working together to make sure the disgusting Conservs and our doofus premier will not be re-elected - with a majority! - to decimate our province with highways through farmland, cutting and privatizing health care, slashing education and more. If the Green, NDP, and Lib votes were consolidated, we'd win by a long shot. But no, there's a three-way split on the left, because the egos are unsurmountable. 

Tossing and turning and raging and worrying. 

But then I got good news. A writing student and dear friend was diagnosed with breast cancer and has been writing with force about her journey through the nightmare: operation, chemo, radiation. She's been waiting for a new biopsy. Today she received the news: no further carcinomas. The @#$#@ fickle finger of fate has moved on. BRAVA! 

And a FB friend sent me a message on FB messenger. Something else to brighten my day: 


Hi Beth, Just want you to know how much I'm enjoying your book "Loose Woman." A friend lent it to me, but since it has so many great lines and thoughts I I want to mark in the margins, I just ordered my own copy. Take care, Diane

You sent

Thank you! Glad to receive more good news.

The garden is bursting forth. It's 30 degrees, the humidex 35 today, hotter tmw, but it's a blip, will cool down Wednesday. To brighten your day: a man of my acquaintance and his pup.


  1. We are certainly aligned on world politics, what keeps us awake at night, the healing power of gardens and the amazing correlation between walks and the creation of solutions to nagging problems, as well as, of new and exciting ideas I must explore. My iphone is always with me on my "infamous" #jauntswithjill for 3 reasons: 1. I am obsessed with capturing the beauty all around me in my humble attempt to see the world through the artistic lens of Georgia O'Keefe. 2. I have to email myself any thoughts/solutions that quickly float up like disappearing balloons into the air. 3. I can call for help if I get lost or injured in any of the 17 ravines/parks/natural preserves I hike through in blissful solitude.

  2. Glad to hear from a kindred spirit, Jill! I was just looking at my garden and thinking, again, an oasis of sanity and beauty in this mad world.