Saturday, November 19, 2022

the magic of Jacob Collier

And now for something completely different: do yourself a favour, put down your chores or the newspaper or paintbrush or cleaver or whatever. And watch this doc about one of life's blessed, the immensely talented, joyful young musician Jacob Collier. His mother and two sisters are also radiant and beautiful. 

Sometimes life's lucky ones are those who just know, very early, what they are and what they must do. One of my son's high-school friends was expelled from several schools for constantly drawing graffiti on the walls. He went to art school and now is a wealthy and successful film animator. He just knew. Often young writers just know. I did, though I also wanted to act and was good enough at it, had to get that out of my system first. 

But ye gods, the positive energy of this young man could illuminate a large city. 

Enjoy. Be inspired. "Creative infinity syndrome.""The music will always give me the answers that I need." May that never stop, Jacob. May that never stop.

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