Friday, April 20, 2012

winding down

No idea how to put captions with the photos in the new Blogger, and no patience to figure it out right now. It has been a raw day, bursting into tears several times, much laughing with my dear friend, walking around all day saying goodbye to this stunning city, which produced some sun today, as well as a rainstorm - though when it rained, we were sitting safely on the Place des Vosges, having a rest and a drink. I had a long talk with my mother in hospital, which is good, she's talking, but often not making much sense. I can tell you, I'm not looking forward to leaving the moveable feast that is Paris, to sit in a geriatric hospital room for many hours a day. But I'm very glad I'm going. It's my job, my duty, it's what I must do.

The pix below: a still life in Paris flat with croissant, maps and ranunculus; weird things at the fishmongers in the market; a Paris sky, blue for once; and the flowers named above that I have come to adore. You know, if you click on the pix, they get bigger.

People have written me the kindest notes today. What a blessing. I thank you all.

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