Sunday, April 15, 2012

Sunday morning drool

The line-up for bread Sunday morning at the best
bakery on the rue Mouffetard.
I was standing in this queue, slavering over the displays, when the local church bells all began to peal at once - it was 11 a.m. A moment of sheer bliss.

How not to be grateful to this country? I came home with a hot croissant, which I pulled apart slowly and ate with my eyes closed. There's a little tarte au citron in the kitchen, a lemon tart, for after lunch.


  1. I need a brie, tomato, and dijon mustard sandwich immediately, and have no brie, tomato, or French bread at the moment. I guess I'll have a spoonful of mustard.


  2. Not quite the same, Robert. Time to go shopping. Hop on a plane and I'll show you where to go.