Friday, April 27, 2012

What a difference a day makes. First, to those of you who've sent me kind, heartening messages, I thank you so; what a help. But the fact is that everything shifted today. Yesterday, I thought, why are we putting her through this? So today, I went in to ask her that very question, to say, "Do you really want this operation? You don't have to do this if you don't want to. It's your body and your choice." I am, it won't surprise you to know, pro-choice. And so is she.

Well - today, the nurse washed her hair, the physio had her walking metres around the floor, and when I asked her the question, after a talk, we both saw - she will go through this and we'll hope for the best. She wants to meet her great-grandchild. What a meeting that will be.

The team at the Ottawa Heart Institute is phenomenal, all of them angels and heroes. Dr. Duschene with his marvellous sense of humour and warm dumpling face; today's nurse, Kathy, cheerful but not annoyingly so, just sensible, brisk, loving. All of them - I marvel, how can they keep it up? But they do. It makes me wince to see my mother treated like a small child, to hear them praising her for standing up, getting to the bathroom, making sense. But - compared to a few days ago, and to last week apparently, the way she is now is a miracle.

So - as my dear Wayson says - Onward.

I'm in the Ottawa airport, and they've just called my flight. This zombie is on her way home.

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