Tuesday, August 30, 2016

cottage love

Yes, now I understand what the cottage bug is all about. Especially when you're a guest who doesn't have to buy the place, renovate it, keep it running, pay the taxes, and bring in everything it needs. I just got to swim - I usually do not like swimming much, but loved every minute in this lake - and walk and eat and read and look at trees and water and sky. Just about the perfect summer treat.
My hosts Eric -
and Ruth.

I got to kayak - oh boy, do I love that. So quiet, gliding along nearly at lake level.
One of my onerous chores: watering. Not every waterer wears the hose.
The view last night from my screened bedroom window.

And now - home. Sigh. No more trees chewed by beavers, pileated woodpeckers making holes in the trunks, no more loons and chipmunks, and a sad goodbye one of the sweetest dogs ever, Cocoa. No more lake.

But - there are a million tomatoes and some cucumbers and flowers and cicadas and a lovely city sky. Home.

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