Friday, August 26, 2016

cucumber query

An important question for my gardening friends: as you may have noted, this year I am inordinately proud of my cucumbers. But several of them have turned out not green, but yellow and sour. I don't think they were once green turned yellow, and they are not a special yellow kind of cuke. How and why did this happen, do any of you know? Not enough sun? But others nearby are green and delicious. It makes this urban gardener sad to waste produce.


  1. I believe it is because they are overripe (too long on the vine).


  2. Thanks, Lorraine. It's strange when the others were on the vine the same amount of time and are delicious and green. However, I'll watch more carefully next year, for sure.

  3. Like humans, each cucumber is wired differently ;)

  4. Thank you Lorraine and Chris. I see my cucumbers are provoking thoughtfulness all round.