Saturday, August 13, 2016

Once more to the lake

There's a honkin' great SUV outside, a Jeep Cherokee that yours truly will be driving tomorrow, filled with family and mountains of stuff, to cottage country. It is one of my great regrets that we didn't have a cottage when my kids were growing up. We didn't have one during my own childhood because we travelled in the summer, and then with our kids - well, my husband was always very busy, and a cottage was just not my tradition, and certainly not his. But I've heard over and over about people's wonderful summer memories, family gatherings, board games, camp fires, water skiing, and I am sorry we did not provide that for our kids.

So - I've rented a cottage for the first time from the friend of a friend, to see if this is a tradition I can provide for my grandchildren. It's apparently on a shallow lake, and I imagine the screen door banging, watching the kids splash, sitting by the lake with a glass of something as the sun sets. Anna and I have been texting back and forth all day - I needed to go pick up the car seats, did you pack the bandaids, should I bring the bug spray and pb or will you? We have enough equipment for a month.

Today is not an auspicious start - after a week of the most gruelling heat, today is still very hot but very wet, major downpours all day long. Please, God, do not rain on our week at the cottage. Being inside with two small energetic boys - well no, we'll just go and swim in the rain. But better not, if that's okay with You. Clouds are predicted. We'll take clouds. Pouring right now; good for the garden, not so much for small boys.

Sam will be here, and John, seeing to the house and the watering, especially the veggies. This year I am the queen of cucumbers. I am proud of my magnificent cukes.

Otherwise - my new office is terrific but I've done very little work in it. Had a drink with a student, who asked wistfully about my writing discipline - and I had to laugh. If I'd had a writing discipline, there would be more books. But I'll get back to the memoir when things settle. Yes I will. In the meantime - northward. To make memories.

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