Tuesday, July 15, 2008

please forgive tooting of own horn

I will try to keep my head in proper proportion to my body, but the testimonials I've received from the Sunday group are making that difficult.  Herewith:

Kathryn: "I was thrilled with the whole day, even though I felt a little intimidated by the calibre of the writers attending.  However, you made me feel that I was in a safe place and able to participate.  I thoroughly enjoyed myself and look forward to future opportunities.  The venue was good for me creatively, and I found the format to be extremely well organised and polished. I don't think there's anything you could have done better."

Brad: "Yesterday was like a one-week holiday.  I was lost in the collective creativity of everyone there.  It was magic in the city.  I have 4-5 beginning stories that have come out of it."

Gerry: "Truly a beautiful day.  Exhausting, but fantastic being in your garden.  I loved hearing everyone's stories."

Kelsey, writing to another former student about the day: "It's the middle of the night and I'm typing up some of my stories and notes.  The workshop was fantastic and Beth is holding another one August 10th.  If I were sure of being here then, I would sign up for a second one.  It was glorious, wonderful stories being made, a beautiful setting, great food, a garden to die for, and of course Beth who is a jewel."

All righty then.  What I want to know is - what kind of jewel?  Definitely not a diamond, hard and glittery and stunning. Not sapphire, too blue.  Emerald, green in the garden?  Perhaps golden topaz, or changeable opal.  Thank you, Kelsey, this is an image I can work with.  

Many thanks to all of you for those kind comments.  After the August 10th session, I am going to hold workshops on the last Sunday of the months leading to December: September 28, October 26, and November 30.  Magic in the city.   


  1. Hi Beth, Kelsey MAson (a long time 'best friend') raved about her day in your literary garden. Is there space in your August 10th class/ If so, I'd love to sign up.

    Bythe way, I've been accepted in Writing With Style at Banff. I remember you talking about it in one of our classes and I finally got my act together to apply!

    Cheers, Audrey Hadfield

  2. Audrey, first, congratulations on going to Banff. Be careful - it may cause you to levitate above the mountains, the whole Banff experience is so sublime.

    About the next garden workshop - I have changed the date to allow me to go to a hundredth birthday party. It is now on Sunday August 24th, and yes, there's room. Let me know if you can make the new date. It will be good to see you again, and to hear about your latest sailing exploits.