Friday, July 18, 2008

Sunday August 24, Write in the Garden

Writers, I have changed the date for the August workshop.  It will now be Sunday August 24th, from 9.30 (gathering, coffee, chat - work starts at 10) to 5.  Every other particular remains the same.  Registration is limited to twelve, and we're more than half way there already.  If you don't get in or can't make that date, there will be on-going workshops on the last Sunday of the month in September, October and November. 

And by the way, I will confess that as I was writing that Paul piece, I had a fantasy that it would be published and that he would read it and ask, at his concert, to meet me.  We would have dinner and become friends.  People would want to know about me, and I would talk about buying second hand clothes, riding a bicycle, telling the truth.  

The main thrust of my fantasy was that I wouldn't have to wait, ever again, for an editor to open or slam the door.  No, once Paul McCartney and I became friends, my work would be welcome wherever I wanted it to go.  There would be a bidding war for my next book.  That, not romance or wealth or glamour, was the most wonderful fantastical outcome that I could imagine.  

Always the dreamer. 

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  1. Beth, August 24th sounds good for me so sign me up! Let me know where to send a cheque.

    Looking forward to a day in your garden!