Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Canadians against proroguing Parliament

A call to arms, my fellow Canucks. A young man in Alberta created the Facebook site Canadians Against Proroguing Parliament only a few days ago, and at last count, there were 58,205 members!

I beg you to join too. Log on and sign up, and while you're there, read Rick Mercer's brilliant rant, pointing out that if Karzai, the Prime Minister of Afghanistan, decided to cancel his parliament for two months, there would be a worldwide outcry. Five young Canadian soldiers are the latest in a list of hundreds of Canadians who've given their lives trying to bring democracy to that country.

And yet in their own country, elected officials have been given two months off to twiddle their thumbs and watch the Olympics, so that the Conservative government does not have to answer questions about detainee torture and much else. It's appalling, and the outcry is growing. This is the thrilling spectacle of true democracy in action.

There will be demonstrations across the country on January 23rd. See you there.

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