Monday, January 25, 2010

say it ain't so, Canada

A gloomy, dark, rainy Monday, and I confess to feeling a bit gloomy and dark myself. This was the headline in an article in the Saturday Globe: "Canadians take fresh look at capital punishment." 62% of Canadians, apparently, at least according to this poll, support a return of the death penalty.

To say that this news makes me sick at heart would be a major understatement. You know, I don't believe it, not a word of it, but what I do believe is that poisonous messages coming from the thugs in Ottawa are working. Simple answers to complex issues: frightened by international terrorism and local gangs? Just "get tough on crime" and build more prisons. Lock 'em up, no, better yet, kill them, that'll solve the problem! Look at how well it has worked in those peaceful, crime-free United States.

We're watching Canada change before our eyes.

Okay, time to stop before I get apocalyptic. The article did make me envision a Mad Max scenario for Canada - a vicious dog-eat-dog world, you against me, the laws of selfishness, greed and violence prevailing, and a Harper majority government to start it off. Who ARE those people out there supporting Harper and death? I realise again what a marvellous bubble I live in, surrounded by the "liberal elite" in downtown Toronto. Though there is even a risk right here and now - the right-wing mayoral candidate, who opposes limits to development and hates - get this - bicycle lanes, is apparently gaining force. Down with those lawless bicycle lanes!

No no time to stop. It's the lack of light outside, that's what it is. Instead, I turn to this short email I just got from my dearest friend:

Lunch felt so good, seeing your smile and the light criss-crossing across those winter branches waiting for spring. x0x0 Wayson

Even if we elect a mayor who stomps out our bicycle lanes, friends will get us through. But if Canada reinstates the death penalty, I will have to move. And take Wayson and the rest of you with me.

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