Saturday, November 27, 2010


The first snowfall of the season. I sit in my dressing-gown watching the garden turn white, the flakes, lashed by the wind, teeming down from an aluminum sky. What a show, and the crabby cat and I share a front-row seat in front of a wall of windows. The birds and squirrels at the feeder are enjoying a treat - black sunflower seeds mixed with their regular seed. I am trying to remember my birthday party in August, which took place right here, where now it's cold and colourless.

A mountain of newspaper awaits - the "Star" and the "Globe," the usual fat Saturday editions stuffed with Christmas hype. I imagine the store owners rubbing their hands in glee, as they too watch the picturesque snow fall, accentuating the buying season. Doubletake, my local second-hand store and the only store I frequent, started playing "Jingle Bells" a few weeks ago, so as of today, I won't go out without earplugs at the ready.

My friend Lynn cannot understand why I revile Christmas music; she loves the excitement of this time of year. Perhaps in the south of France, this is a time of innocent preparation for joyful familial gatherings and spiritual celebration. Here, it's a celebration of the frantic buying of crap, spurred on by treacly music. Put in your earplugs, friends, and don't be sucked in. Give meaningful gifts made by local craftsmen, or donate to favourite charities. GIVE BOOKS! Bought at small bookstores!!! Give handmade food. Fight them. Don't succumb to the pressure. (Easy to say, sure, as I get out my list and begin to fuss.)

It's really falling hard now. Time soon to bundle up and go for a walk. The birds and I will not be stopped by the white stuff. Next to me, as I stroked tentatively, a morsel of striped fur just let out a small noise that sounded surprisingly like a purr. Another miracle of the season.

P.S. Ten minutes later - the snow has stopped already. Show's over.

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