Monday, December 29, 2014

Gerry Caplan nails the CRA

A superb article by the always superb Gerry Caplan that has my heart pounding with rage. He's writing about the environmental and social justice organizations perceived to be on the opposite side to Stephen Harper that are being viciously audited by the CRA, while their right-wing equivalents are not.

Sometimes the serenity gained by meditation doesn't cut it. Sometimes teeth-grinding fury is the only response.

Yesterday, Wayson and I went to see the extraordinary "National Gallery" - a three-hour documentary about one of the world's great art institutions. Mesmerizing. We go inside staff meetings about budget, marketing, charity requests; inside the unbelievably finicky work of the restorers and refinishers, the people hand-carving new bits of frame and covering them in gold leaf. And mostly, we follow docents and professionals as they explain specific paintings to the crowds. They are very learned and I learned so much. Most moving - a class for the visually impaired and blind, in which they are given paper with a raised surface equivalent to the outlines of a painting by Pissarro, which is then described and explained to them as their fingers move over the page.

The camera lingers on the faces in the gallery of those looking at paintings, and then on the faces in the paintings themselves. So very beautiful - to see how alike we modern folk are to those in very different dress three, four, five hundred years ago. Underneath, just the same.

Highly recommended. Pee first. It's long, maybe a tiny bit too long. But maybe not.


  1. Funny.The exact opposite has been going on here. Those groups perceived to be Right Wing have been harassed by our IRS, while those perceived to be "leftist" are ignored. Our issue is which groups will b e granted non-profit status by the IRS. Guess all in power use the same tactics.

  2. Sorry to hear that groups there are having a similar problem. Though of course if the harassed groups have anything to do with the Koch brothers, I hope they harass them right out of existence.