Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Yesterday's walk

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I know, enough with the photos of bakeries. This is chez Dominique Saibron. To die for.
A tiny corner park, with chess board.
In Parc Montsouris - as everywhere in France - a notice in memory of a young soldier killed in WW2.
Coming from the Grand Palais across the Pont Alexandre III - a magnificent sky. I'd just seen an exhibition of works of the brilliant Velasquez. I wanted him to paint this.
Walked through St. Germain specially to get to this place on the rue du Bac, recommended by friend Juliet for its incredibly good chocolate. I'll have to imagine it, though, because it was closed. No explanation, just closed. A store nearby was selling cashmere socks and I nearly bought a pair as consolation. 37 euros, though - maybe not.
Strolled through the mind-boggling Epicerie du Bon Marche - Bon Marche, which actually means "a good deal," is now one of the most expensive stores in Paris, extremely chichi. The Epicerie, which means "grocery store" - ha - stocks the best of everything in the world. Everything. This is the section just for salt - three large shelves full. You can even get - yes! - Cocoa Puffs.
OMG, it's 50 years since June 1965 when I saw the Beatles at the Palais des Sports. Talk about feeling old. And now they're doing a tribute. But I was THERE, man, for the real thing. And there's a book to prove it.

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