Monday, October 19, 2015

He's gone

It's 10.25. Got in 50 minutes ago from Ryerson, and the victory of the Liberals was declared not long after.  It's unbelievable!

I am very sorry for the NDP, who had such high hopes at the beginning of this marathon, and now are faced with an undeserved disaster. It's tragic that many great NDP candidates have gone down to defeat. Poor Mulcair. Makes me sad. But that's politics. The overall result is spectacular, amazing.

I wonder if Michael Ignatieff is watching this, he who led the Liberals last time to a spectacular and amazing defeat. Oh well. And I wonder what Harper is thinking. A neighbour and I had a big argument - he said he lived in South America during the time of dictatorships, and he was unhappy at the way Harper was being demonized. "He's not a murderer, not a dictator," he said. "He steered us through bad economic times." Yes yes yes. But he's a horrible man who has damaged this country enormously, and most of us are very very glad he has no power any more.

Reality - a young man with not that much political experience is now Prime Minister, not only of the country, but of a majority government. Quite a shock and a huge change, and - let's be frank - scary. But let's not think of that now. Let's just celebrate that the big bad wolf has been squashed.

As someone wrote on Twitter: When Harper wakes up tomorrow, Nenshi will be his mayor, Notley will be his Premier, and Trudeau will be his Prime Minister.

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