Sunday, October 18, 2015

upside down video

My friend Chris just told me about the video link on - who knew? So here it is, a lousy very short video that's upside down. Sorry about that. But it gives you the idea, especially of everybody singing along on all sides - and how amazingly his band of four other musicians replicates every single thing George Martin did in the studio.

And incidentally, to sing Blackbird with his acoustic guitar, he came to the very front of the stage. He was only a few yards away. Be still my beating etc.

If I had a cook, I try to be a vegetarian. It's work to figure out what to do with only veggies and tofu. But I respect and admire Paul's lifestyle and his causes, pro animal, pro the Arctic, pro children. Not to mention his own pretty spectacular children.

I went to the Y to sit in the hot tub for my aching limbs. Better now. Still in a stupor - a Macca hangover. (Well, him, plus the open bar ...)

For Beatle fans in Toronto, my friend Piers Hemmingsen, author of the newly released "The Beatles in Canada," is giving a walking tour and talk on Oct. 31, free. Piers knows everything Beatle. Highly recommended.

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