Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Cabbagetown house for rent July 1-6

I am going to New York in July! My cousin Ted, who lives at 77th and 3rd, has always been extremely generous with his apartment, which has made regular visits to NYC, the city of my birth and my father's entire family, possible for me. But I have not been for a few years. This time, he said I could use his flat while he's in the country over the July 4th weekend, so I'm there from July 1 to 6. I'm going, most importantly, to see Cousin Lola, who's 94, exactly the age my father would have been if he were alive. And the exhibition on the Yiddish theatre at the Museum of the City of New York, featuring the noble bust of my great-grandfather. Otherwise - strolling, seeing theatre, trying not to think about the exchange rate on the dollar. It's all possible thanks to Ted's apartment.

My son is happy to live here at the house while I'm away, but I'm letting you, my bloggees, know I'll be away then in case you know someone who wants to come to Toronto around that time and would like a downtown place to stay. This is, as many of you know, quite a nice house and garden in a very nice location. Please let me know.

Also possible - a week or two in August. Again, please get in touch.

My ex went home yesterday, and I collapsed. What a lot of big personalities together in one small room, including the baby and Eli! And yet, no problem. It was a wonderful visit, and at the end, I was drained. Was going to do various cultural things and instead, when my handyman John offered a ride to Canadian Tire, I went with pleasure, buying solar lights, a new trowel - a new trowel! - and other exciting goodies.

And today, to a toy store with Wayson to buy Duplo for a certain four year-old dear to my heart. The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, travel is in the air - all's right with the world.

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