Monday, May 2, 2016


It's a stunning day, at last, and I feel almost human. Not quite but getting there, after three healing events today: the sunshine; an hour in the garden encouraging the tiny green things - really? you can hear them gasp - it's really over and we can come out now?

And a visit from my son. If anything can cheer me up, it's that big lug. So moving right along. Onward. Go away, whatever bug you are, and come again another day aka never.
The first bouquet from the garden - and the birdhouse Eli painted for me for Xmas. I just put the Provencal tablecloth on the deck table, on the assumption that it's not going to get snowed on. I know - ha ha, this is Canada and it's only May 2! But there's hope. There is most definitely hope.

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