Friday, February 10, 2017

I accidentally bought a giant pig

Getting better, thank you. Coughing up bits of my lungs, but otherwise, life is returning. Praise the lord and pass the antibiotics.

There's a snowstorm, and John my handyman friend is here because the kitchen sink - of course - started leaking all over the floor. Everything AND the kitchen sink goes wrong here. My first excursion out of the house in days, except for the trip to the doctor, was to Home Hardware in John's van, to look at faucets. Now that's exciting.

So I have nothing to say except I'm out of bed, and this is a time of utter hideousness and political gloom. Each apocalyptic NYT article more heartfelt than the last, but terrifying. I may have to stop reading and go to bed. Oh wait. Been there, done that.

So here is something to truly cheer you up. This photo is worth its weight in gold.


  1. I don't know who I love more: Esther or her Dads. What a beautifully antidotal story, Beth. Thanks for giving us all the link.

  2. Me too, CTL! Almost made me want a pig too. Aha - that's what you need, some company for Leon!