Saturday, February 11, 2017

Melania's diary, and Piers Morgan makes a tiny bit of sense

Slow recovery continues. I went to the Y! Could not wait to immerse my body in steam, get clean, wash my hair. It was heaven - the hot tub, the steam room, the sauna. I am now scrubbed and drained.
And speaking of drains, John came back and we have hot water in the kitchen! Such a snazzy new high-neck faucet.

I have to say, I am proud of the fact that I kept going through sick. I organized my class, edited their pieces, edited two massive sections for the student writing a book, continued work on my own memoir. My computer never left me; what a friend it is to the invalid. And I didn't even remember I had Netflix.

Sam and I watched Bill Maher last night. Piers Morgan was on, representing El Trumpo and the right wing, but actually - a few of the things he said made sense. He said people are getting hysterically negative, angry and fraught about absolutely everything, which will not help, and I think that's right. I know there is more than enough to be angry and fraught about, for sure, but for example, I was sorry to read that Betsy DeVos had been prevented from visiting her first public school. That's now her job, she knows she is very unpopular, let her get on with it and let's start to shriek if - when - she does something horrible. But we can't protest everything all the time. If this goes on, America will be so damaged and divided, it will be as if another Civil War has taken place and left a rift that can never be repaired. Maybe that has already happened.

However - we can still laugh. We must laugh. And here, to give you a great Saturday laugh, is Melania's diary from the inauguration, thanks to Paul Rudnick at the New Yorker.

Sam is coming straight from work later to watch "Saturday Night Live". We can't wait.

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