Wednesday, March 29, 2017

fruit, flowers, friends

It's 5; I'm waiting for my friend to get home from work. Did nothing today except flaner, grocery shop and do errands, like buy postcards and face cream, and then a long lunch with old, old friends, Daniel who's 71 and his wife Michele, a former colleague of Dad's who, unbelievably, has just turned 80; her hair just has some strands of grey. We sat outside eating exotic fish. And then I wandered some more. This quartier is wonderful - very few tourists, friendly people, lots to look at. So I look.
I just passed a corner bistro where a woman was eating an artichoke with a glass of wine. Not something you see often in Toronto.
Michele and Daniel. Daniel who's passionately involved in urban renewal just came back from a trip to Detroit to see what's happening there. He said it's beyond belief - mile after mile of bombed-out hell. And not about to get better anytime soon.
The most exotic ranunculus. What is the plural? Ranunculi?


  1. Thanks for sharing your adventures -- food, ranunculus, bakeries, and all...