Friday, March 24, 2017

jet-lagged afternoon walk

 Montparnasse's La Closerie des Lilas - one of Paris's legendary places for writers. Click to enlarge.
 Luxembourg Garden and its palace with Eiffel Tower peeking through. The sun had vanished and it was cold and damp.
Statues, vistas, and flowers everywhere. This is in Luxembourg Garden; he's a Greek actor learning his lines. I cut off his head to get more flowers. And below - always have to go see her first day, so I'm sure that I'm actually here. Yes, I guess I am, because there she is. Be still, my beating heart.
 Someone, at some point, said, let's build a little ol' fountain to celebrate St. Michel on the Boulevard St. Michel, and this enormous thing resulted.
Ranunculus - my favourite flowers, all over the place.
If I lived nearby, I'd go here every day to get the patron's wine recommendations.
My dinner tonight - at 6.30, the only person in the restaurant, of course, as my eyes were drooping shut - a fantastic ramen place nearby. Perfect for the exhausted stranger on a cold night. With a beer! Wine starts tomorrow.

And now - it's 7.10. I've made it. A quick shower, a sleeping pill and I hope tomorrow I'll be my usual perky self.


  1. I'm so excited to see the photos and read about your adventures, Beth. Now the only shit in your life is on the sidewalk.

  2. Lovely, Beth. Glad to hear you arrived safely and that you're in your favourite quarter. (Mine, too.)

  3. So glad you are coming with me on my travels. Lying in bed after a good night's sleep, aware that for now, my world is this tiny room, with the most beautiful city in the world outside the door. Lots to be grateful for. Including friends.