Thursday, June 13, 2019

our creative nonfiction conference launched!

Sitting at the registration table at UBC, waiting for our writers to arrive. The weather is beautiful, our lanyards are laid out, the programs are gorgeous, and we are SET. It starts tomorrow, but we organizers started work yesterday.

Here we are preparing lanyards yesterday afternoon;
Before that, Wednesday, I had to leave the hallowed land of Gabriola and my dear Chris and his adorable pets. We had a wonderful visit.
The Gabriola airport - the plane is in the water
Sheba in front of the airport
The jumbo jet over - I sat in the co-pilot's seat.
Stayed last night at a friend's heavenly house right on the water - that's a hot tub in the foreground, where I floated last night watching the red-gold sunset over the mountains, the otters, seals, and herons fishing. Heavenly.
The magical city at dusk. When the sun shines, there is no city like this on earth - the roses! The mountains, ocean, trees, the sweet sweet air.

After our lanyard party with Prosecco, I had dinner with an old friend, a director from my theatre days in the seventies, and this morning, brunch with another old friend. And then out to UBC to start work. Tonight, the organizing group is having dinner together in a pub where we can watch the Raptors, if we want, Tomorrow the excitement begins. Stay tuned!

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