Thursday, June 13, 2019

We are the champions!

Too much excitement. A fabulous dinner in a UBC pub tonight with a group of fellow writers; we sat outside as far from the Raptors noise and excitement as we could - but by the last quarter, tied, we had to go in and watch. Excruciating, back and forth, so close, and at the last few seconds, they kept calling time out. The tension in the bar was thick. Judy Rebick, famous Canadian feminist activist and one of our presenters who'd had dinner with us was a few seats away, watching with bated breath.
And then beautiful Kawhi pulled it out of the bag, and there we were - world champions. Toronto. Canada. Yes, they're all Americans, but still, as Margaret Atwood once said about the Blue Jays, they're OUR Americans. What fun!

Toronto must be going insane.

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