Wednesday, July 10, 2019


Still typing with one finger on my phone. Jeff from RiverdaleMac, my new guru, called. Part needs to be ordered from California and that’s just to log in so he can see if there’s another problem. Waaah! My fingers twitch, so much I need and want to do and cannot. Plus today the electrician came to fix what I thought was a simple problem- of course not! A full day job which involves cutting a trench through my office ceiling. Plus my hose developed a leak and is now spraying in all directions. Plus my neighbor’s roofers were hammering and shouting all day. No food in the fridge.
More wine.
Went with Ken to see “Yesterday. “ silly and fanciful, yes. Sweet, tender, joyful, yes. An acknowledgement of how very much that music means. And one small scene, aching with the sorrow that John Lennon is no longer on the earth. The movie, the music, made me sob, of course.
More wine.
This too shall pass. Off to pick some chard and improvise a meal. With, of course, more wine.

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