Tuesday, September 24, 2019

curses on you, wheel thief!

Parked my bike near Sherbourne right on Carlton Street and went to lunch today with two theatre world friends, Allan Stratton and Norman Browning. Norman is an actor with whom I worked quite a bit, including a cross-Canada tour of Cruel Tears, and Allan a successful writer in whose first play Norman and I also toured. We had a great catch up with much much gossip and many theatre stories, as you can imagine.

I walked out of the restaurant on this lovely afternoon to find this:
My beautiful Marilyn, decimated, without both her wheels and some of the gears that went with them. These were not quick release wheels; someone had to have tools and work quite hard to get them off, in broad daylight, on a busy street corner.

Allan kindly carried her frame and we walked to Cycle Solutions on Parliament, where I bought her. For a mere $300 I'll have my bike again.


Okay. First world problems.

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