Friday, September 27, 2019

later that same day ...

There were many thousands marching, paralyzing the downtown core of our fine city. Anna and I have been on many marches together; this was perhaps the tenth? And Eli's third or fourth, and there will be many more, particularly if this election works out the way the Ontario election did. More Trudeau hating today. It's a terrifying thing to see an entire society shift, like this, from tolerance to hatred, just the way it did against Kathleen Wynne.

Once I was at the march, I knew what sign I wish I'd written and brought. It would have said:

It would not have been hilarious the way some of the signs were, and it would not have been popular with Green or NDP voters, but this is what I believe with all my heart: if you're in a swing riding, please please vote for the candidate most likely to beat the Conservatives. Because if not - well, first, the Cons don't even believe in climate change. So that's where you'll be, all you Trudeau haters. The man dressed up as Aladdin and we'll end up with a climate denying far right fundamentalist clown.

Sorry. I do get het up.

Here's my family again, with their much nicer signs: