Tuesday, October 1, 2019

heat wave

Such a contrast - Saturday, to a memorial celebration for a fine man, Jack Bingham, a neighbour and friend. His widow Gretchen had organized a lovely event outside with a canopy, stand up tables, tons of great food from Daniel and Daniel, a pianist playing, a book of remembrance. Many local people from around here and old friends of theirs from the States, including an elderly couple who flew in for a day and night. Neighbour Stephen, who's about 75, wrote in the book that when he grew up, he wanted to be like Jack, who was thoughtful, kind, meticulous. A great loss.

And then Sunday, bursting with life - I brought the two little boys over here for the afternoon. We went to one playground and then another; at the second one I delighted them both by playing catch, chasing, growling and snarling, as they scampered screaming over the climbing apparatus. As I puffed and panted, I thought, this is why I go to the Y - so I can be the Big Bad Wolf without fainting. It was fun. They destroyed my house and then I took them home for dinner. On the way back I stopped at John's; he and Sylvie drove me to an apartment building not far away where I'd bought a great chest of drawers for $40 on Craigslist for the downstairs apartment. We disassembled it, loaded it into John's van, delivered it, reassembled it, and I was home in time to watch The Durrells in Corfu. 

Yesterday evening, teaching the big class at Ry - a new person came so it's officially full at 18. Today, a day of record-breaking heat - 31 feeling like 37 - I spent in the garden pruning and pulling up. Got rid of the cuke plants, cut back the enormous coleus, the huge branchy cedars, the overgrown jasmine. Friend Jason came for dinner - a student 12 or more years ago, then in my home group, then a best friend who's the MC for So True. We are joined at the hip. He's a peach.

What am I doing during the days? No idea. FB and Twitter. A bit of work. The NYT, trying to keep up with the madness to the south of us. Trying not to pay attention to our own election. Reading. Editing for So True and students. Email. The various sites that send me stuff, overload. Coffee with Monique. Chats with JM, a bit of TV, a quick trip to the Y. And voila - the day has disappeared.

And then, best of all - bedtime. Right now.

Eat more cucumbers. Sorry about the bad grammar, below. But the point is taken

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