Friday, April 10, 2020

a good Good Friday

Just had my huge Good Friday lunch -  a heap of my creamy veg gratin with asparagus and sausage, a glass of Sauvignon Blanc, and the newspaper. I may start having a glass of vino at midday. Why not? Except that it makes me sleepy. Well, why not nap? What is stopping me except my sense that I have to GET THINGS DONE? A sense that has so far not done much good, I can tell you.

Today I began work, yes, a MailChimp newsletter to former students started, not finished. Did Gina's line dancing and went to Riverdale Hill to walk down and up. It's sunny but windy and cold today. And then a very big lunch, followed by an excessive quantity of superb dark chocolate.

Last night, another episode about Inspector Jane Tennison, such marvellous television. As I said, I'm sure I've seen them all but I don't remember and am happy to watch them again. She's spectacular, Helen Mirren, one tough broad, but so is the supporting cast.

Today's daring plan was to get to the LCBO, but I have enough wine to tide me over till Tuesday, and I think everywhere will be crazy because of the long weekend. Long weekend - what a joke. Our lives are now one long weekend.

My doorbell just rang - it was John and his daughter Emilie delivering more jam, a cake, and the pack of leaf bags I'd requested. Angels!

It's so warm and quiet in here, and I'm so very full. I think I will have that nap. Is your life more exciting than mine? Do tell.

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