Thursday, April 16, 2020

hooray for Zoom

Taught my home class on Zoom tonight, and it worked perfectly. Six student friends and moi - as we do when we meet here, we chatted first and got caught up, then they read and we critiqued, as always. The big difference - I didn't have to clean the house beforehand, and though I actually put on a bra and respectable top, on the bottom half were sweatpants and my hideous fluffy slippers that no one can see. Good to work with you all again, my friends.

My bum is as ever asleep after an entire day of editing and then teaching. I barely moved. Not healthy, but I want to get this manuscript out so nothing else matters till it's gone on its way once again. Talked on the phone with Chris, my editor, having a profound philosophical discussion about colons, semi colons, and commas, followed by a meeting with the CNFC group on Zoom.

No, I'm forgetting that I did venture out, in my mask, to the Epicure deli for 2 loaves of sourdough bread and some cheese - my favourite creamy delicious Quebecois cheeses, comfort food - and then when I passed NoFrills there was no lineup so I dashed in for essentials - Tangelo oranges, lettuce, onions, endive, a big bag of avocados. That's my daring adventure for today. Still alive, so far.

It's funny how extreme things can be - from days floundering around on FB, Twitter, and YouTube to sitting all day getting a manuscript in shape. I look forward to some floundering time soon, but more importantly to moving this poor body, which has had too much chocolate and wine and bread and cheese. But also sunshine - it was cold but sunny today, so my computer and I followed the sun around the house.

As a dear friend of mine once said, Here comes the sun. And I say, it's all right.

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